Blood Bank
(Software for Blood Bank)

Blood Bank Manager manages complete process of blood bank. From patient and donor entry to delivery of tested blood / components after cross match it works step by step very smoothly. Easy Blood Bank Manager ensures that the correct donor, product and patient is delivered at all times. Easy Blood Bank Manager helps you in avoiding common mistakes in information recordings, information exchange and processing. Fully integrated systems and database helps you decrease records overlapping, double entry, and miscalculations in a controlled environment. Thus, records output are standardized to make it easy to understand with a click of a button.


(1). Patient Management, (2). Lab Test Management, (3). Component Management, (4). Transfusion Management, (5). Cross Match, (6). Blood Bags stock management, (7). Easy User Interface, (8). Comprehensive functions to manage Blood Bank processes, (9). Provides detailed and complex reports for better blood bank management, (10). Accurate database/Record Management, (11). Comprehensive Donor database with multiple Search and Filtering capability, (12). Secured information and records, (13). Biometric entry to stop fraud donor entries, (14). Blood Donation Camp Organization, (15). Blood/Component Inventory, (16). Issue of Blood/Component for Transfusion, (17). Records Maintenance, (18). User Management, (19). Payment receipts for patient, (20). Printing of cross match report, (21). Printing of blood group report.

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