(Software for Computerized Complaint Management System)

CCMS is an Automatic Complaints Management based on IVRS. This system allows the ends user to log on MES complaint cell to register using any phone with an automated response with after guitar a long time. The end users guided by very simple voice menus in a language of their own choice (Hindi/English/any regional language).


(1). Automatically handles every call from users of the system, (2). Answers calls on the first ring, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, i.e. 24x7 (as per requirement), (3). Quick response to customer requests, (4). Speaks to callers in a human tone of voice, (5). Provides accurate and reliable information, up-to-date, (6). Centralized working, thus data redundancy is avoided, (7). Max complaint lodging time is 90 seconds etc... .

Head Office: Phone: +919412737717, +918005196256, Email - [email protected] | Branch Office: Phone: +918979236470, +919457734517, Email - [email protected]