Easy Accounting
(Software for Accounting)

Easy accounting is a customized accounting software to maintain daily sales. This is basically used to maintain different discounts for different parties according to various brands and articles. Easy accounting is very user friendly software with various reports. Easy Accounting is keyboard based for fast data entry. A rich set of short cut keys helps to open forms rapidly. Trial balance, daily collection reports helps user to see current position at a glance.


(1). Sales Order Processing, (2). Voucher Cancellation, (3). Search / Sort / Filter in Reports, (4). Reports Export (Plain File / HTML / PDF / MS-Excel), (5). Print Preview, (6). Shortcuts Keys, (7). Keyboard friendly, (8). Outstanding Reports, (9). Daily / Monthly Summaries of Accounts, (10). Sales / Claim / Settlement Vouchers, (11). MRP Billing, (12). Standard Document Printing, (13). Restrict back-dated entries, (14). Ledger Report, (15). Ledger Detail Report, (16). District wise Report, (17). District, Party wise Report, (18). User Management, (19). Daily Bill Report, (20). Manage Discount.

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