Inventory Manager
(Software to manage store in Commander Works Engineer (CWE) office)

Inventory Manager is a complete solution to manage store in Commander Works Engineer (CWE) office in Military Engineer Services (MES). Inventory manager can manage from demand to billing very smartly. Inventory manager helps to make a smooth and fast store. Inventory manager saves time in creating demand, quotation, supply order, bill etc… current position of stock can be seen in a single click. Budget can also be maintained.


(1). Easy GUI, (2). Easy installation, (3). No technical skill is require to run the software, (4). Database backup, (5). Master entries help to speed up software performance, (6). Automatic generation of demand for needy items, (7). Printing of demand, (8). Printing of quotation, (9). Printing of supply order, (10). Sales / Claim / Settlement Vouchers, (11). Budget management, (12). User management.

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