RD - FD Manager
(Software to manages smoothly Recurring and Fixed deposit)

RD-FD Manager manages smoothly Recurring and Fixed deposit with various types of reports. Easy RD FD manager can be used on desktop and web also so data can be accessed anywhere. It manages agent commission smartly. It smoothly prints bond and renewal over printed bonds. Agent can see Upcoming due renewal records. Even Company can set their plans, bond or certificate print and reliable. Or you can say it’s a mini bank software, Microfinance Software and cooperative bank software.


(1). Plan creation, (2). Commission management, (3). TDS calculation, (4). Agent management, (5). Customer management, (6). Renewal printing, (7). Total collection report, (8). ORC report, (9). ORC summary report, (10). Daily collection report, (11). FD maturity report, (12). Agent collection report (13). User management, (14). RD installment due, (15). Easy to deposit Installment, (16). Upcoming due installment of RD, (17). Bond printing for RD Fixed Deposit, (18). Receipt print for RD FD deposits.

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