UPRNN Accounts
(Software for customized accounting for UPRNN Ltd.)

UPRNN Accounts software is a customized accounting for UPRNN Ltd. Software takes input from general and cash books by various vouchers. We can maintain different centage to each party. Various forms for a single party can be seen as well as all the forms can be merged to see a consolidated report in a single click. Trial balance for all the parties or for a single party can be seen. Other important reports like value of work done, opening balances for all the parties etc can be generated.


(1). Easy interface, (2). Jobsite entries with centage, (3). General entries, (4). Cash book entries, (5). Opening balance entries, (6). Employee details entries, (7). Customer details entries, (8). Various forms generation for a single party, (9). Various forms generation for all parties in a consolidated report, (10). Trial balance generation for a single or for all parties, (11). Trial balance generation for a single or for all parties, (12). Ledger details for an individual party, (13). Fund received from civil report, (14). Value of work done report, (15). Printing of all reports.

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